Interesting exercises to develop coordination


Interesting exercises to develop coordination

Movement is one of the basics of child’s development, and that’s why it is important, that in their day to day life they are offered with different and exciting exercises.

We offer exercises, that will develop child’s quickness and coordination:

Palms and feet.  From two different colored papers you need to cut out the outlines of palms and feet, for example, feet and in blue color and palms – in yellow. It is better, if there is the same number of palms, as there is of feet. Then these paper cut outs are put as a trail on the floor (they can be secured to the floor with adhesive tape). Then the children can go through the trail, while putting their feet on the paper cutouts of feet, but their palms – on paper cut outs of palms.

Jumping feet. This is done in a similar fashion to the previous task, but this time all of the cutouts are only of feet. These feet are put into random directions, but all of them make this one trail, that the child has to jump through, while positioning their feet in the direction the cutouts are put in.

The straight lines. There are two straight lines one the floor that stretch from one side of the room to the other (they can be drawn, made with yarn, etc.) and they have to around 50cm or 60cm apart from each other. Children have to put their feet on one line, their hands on the other and cross the room.

The colorful maze. Just by taking a few pieces of yarn and sticking them to the floor with adhesive tape, you can make a colorful maze. Every child has to get assigned with one color (as a lottery, for example), and then they have to go through the maze, while following the pieces of yarn in their color.

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