An idea: walks with elements of games


An idea: walks with elements of games

Walks are an excellent way of parents and children spending time together, while also doing sport activities. However, sometimes they can seem a little boring and that is why there are many things you can do, to make them more interesting.

Līga Krūmiņa, a teacher from the kindergarten “Creakids”, suggests bringing other activities into these walks, to add motivation and playfulness to them. For example, adding geocaching to these walks – it’s a game that’s popular around the world. That is a game, where other people hide different clues around the region, that can be found with GPS. Of course, these things can be found with more ancient tools as well – a compass or a map. Some of these clues are hidden in more challenging locations that ask for climbing and other interesting activities.

Walks along the beach or a river can be really interesting as well – there are many initiatives, that take place all around the country. For example, “Creakids” has been apart of an initiative, that joins people to clean up the beaches of Latvia. Līga Krūmiņa has observed, that it is important to let parents know about these events – they rarely look for them themselves, but if the information is presented to them, they are willing to join.

A few suggestions:

  • To make the walks more interesting, you can change the route from time to time
  • Role playing during the walks can be really fun, with different people taking on different walks at different time

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