Activities outside in the wintertime


Activities outside in the wintertime

Winter is here! Before going outside, you should plan a few activities so that you don’t get too cold. While in summer you can spend time exploring the nature, painting and doing relaxing activities, in a colder weather you have to think about a bit more active things to do. 

Looking for treasures 
When the winter is here but the snow is not here yet, you can play treausre hunters – find the treaures before the snow has hid them. It goes like this: one child has to call out a thing that you can still find in nature at that time, for example, a pinecorn. Everyone then goes to find one and see, how it looks at this time of year. Then you can also look for different trees by their bases, rocks, frozen berries or any left over autumn leaves. This activity trains and broadens attention span and concentration. 

Follow the footprints!
This activity needs at least a tiny bit of snow. Everyone has to stand in a line and the first person from the line has to jump and leave a visible footprint. After that the next has to follow, but he or she can only step or jump right where the footprint is. Everyone has to try to move at the same time, so that no one is left behind. This activity trains balance and coordination. 

The hot snowball 
This is a game based on reaction, where the rules are very simple. You have to make a small snowball and everyone has to stand in a big circle. The snowball has to be passed around quickly but carefully just like you would, if it would be hot. You can change the way it is passed around – it can be passed to the person next to you, opposite you, etc. 

In the place of a snowman – snow sculptures 
Here you will need a really sticky snow, so that everyone can create different sculptures, for example, snow castles, cats, pineapples. 

Snow drawings 
This activity will require a snow shovel or any other solid objects (for example, a tree branch), with which you can draw big snow figures – letters, houses, shapes, trees, an elf’s hat. 

Idea! You can also color the snow objects by creating colorful water with food paint. Just fill that colorful water in a sprayer and go color the objects in!


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