Ideas for physical activities at home


Ideas for physical activities at home

At a time when kids have to stay for longer periods of time, it is useful to think of ways how to move and do a bit of sports. For the little ones that is especially important, because movement impacts their development and is an outline where to use their huge energy.Movement also leads to a better mood and better sleep. 

So parents, that stay home with their children, don’t feel as though that is an impossible mission, it’s worth thinking of how and what kind of activities to offer to the kids so that everyone is happy. 

Spider web 
Everyone definitely wants their house to be tidy and neat, because that brings a lot of peace and harmony as well. However, sometimes it is worth stepping over a few rules to achieve a result, that will bring children a lot of joy – something that also can bring along peace and harmony. One of these activities is creating a spider web with a thicker yarn. Let the children create this web by dragging the yarn across the room and tying it around different objects and furniture. After that children can play with the web by crawling below it or climbing over. 

Path of pillows
Spilvenu taciņa ir vienkārša, bet tajā pašā laikā ļoti laba aktivitāte bērnudārznieka vecuma bērnam. Šai aktivitātei nepieciešami divi spilveni. Kad bērns dodas no kādas vietas telpā uz citu, viņam jāpārvietojas, izmantojot tikai spilvenus. Tas notiek tā – bērns uzkāpj uz viena spilvena, uzkāpj uz tā. Tad sev priekšā noliek otru spilvenu, pārkāpj uz tā, tad paņem aizmugurējo spilvenu un noliek to sev priekšā. Tad kāpj uz tā un atkal ņem rokās to spilvenu, kas nu palicis aiz muguras. 
Path of pillows is an incredibly easy but an interesting activity for kindergarten children. All you will need is two pillows. 

Scotch tape labyrinths 
By using colorful tapes together with children you can create special labyrinths or paths. Each color of tape can mean something different, for example, the red tape can mean that that particular bit of the path has to be crawled, or a blue tape can mean that in that particular path you have to hop on one leg for the whole bit. From the tapes you can also create forms and within each children will have to complete a certain exercise. If there is enough space, you can also create Hopscotch. Just be careful and don’t do it near any sharp edges, so that if a child slips and falls, they don’t get too hurt.  

Activities with a ball
Fun and at the same time safe activities can also involve balls. 
A rabbit who catches a ball. To create a rabbit that will catch little colorful balls, you need a box. On the side of it you need to cut a whole – just like a gate. In order for the box to resemble a rabbit, you need to stick ears, eyes and a nose. The cut out gates will be rabbit’s mouth. Now you need to find little balls that could fit through the gate and children have to throw them so that they get them through the gates or the rabbit’s mouth. If you do not have little balls at home, you can make them out of paper or little balls of socks. The important thing is that they roll. 
Colorful baskets with colorful balls. In the middle of the room you need to put different baskets and assign each a different color. You can do that by tying around them colorful ribbons or put next to it a paper with the assigned color on it. The thing children have to do is to throw one color ball in the same color basket. Here you can also create the balls from paper or socks. 
Bringing balls to the target. The thing children have to accomplish here is to bring a ball from one corner of the room to the other with the help of a broom. This exercise can be done slowly or faster and with a chronometer. 

Dancing to the music
You have to take into account that it is difficult for the little ones to sit still for a long time so you need to plan activities and make them different from each other. Here a good solution is dancing together to your favorite music. Even jumping around for 15 minutes will let parents concentrate their tasks for a bit afterwards. 

It is important to remember that staying at home also can mean going for little walks in the nearby park. Going outside will be beneficial for both the little ones and parents. 

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