Ideas for sport’s activities in the playground of a kindergarten


Ideas for sport’s activities in the playground of a kindergarten

Going outside and moving around is important to very kid, even in the winter, Even though there are times when the whether is bad, there are many interesting activities that will make going outside fun for everyone.

The good news is that there activities can be done not only in big playgrounds, but also in smaller ones.

The slide. Kids don’t need huge theme parks for fun – sometimes all it takes is a little slide, made by themselves with snow. Here we can ask the help of all fathers as well – with different shovels all the snow can be pushed to one place and one side of this little mountain can be pressed, until it makes a little slide. On the other side they can make little snow steps, so children can get on to the slide. When that is done, fun can start!

Snow football. With four snowballs, the two goals can be outlined. Then children are divided in two teams and the game can start! It is differently a different experience than in summer.

Making sculptures. In the moment, when the snow starts to melt a little bit, it’s the right time to make sculptures. It’s one thing to make snowballs, but a completely other, when you can make actual sculptures. This is best done in teams, so children can help each other not only with advice, but with actual work as well.

Tractor trails. On the day, when it has snowed a lot in the previous night, and the snow on the ground is fresh and without any trails, children can play “tractors”. It’s played like this – children stand in the line and put their feet in dancers position (toes face outwards, one heel is next to the middle of the other foot). Then step by step they move forward, until it looks like a tractor has gone by. Afterwards, is it possible to detect, which way the tractor went? A similar thing can be done with rabbit traces.

Trees with faces. When snow melts and gets sticky, you can make the traditional snowmen. Or, you can also decorate all of the trees in the playground. They can come to life, by sticking the snow on to the tree to make a little face or to illustrate an animal. If there are no trees and the director of the kindergarten allows, you can stick the snow onto the building.

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