Lessons in fresh air


Lessons in fresh air

One of the great advantages of summer – everything can be done outside, learning too! In the weather conditions, when the sun heats your cheeks as well as when it rains. It’s all right if you have the right clothing.

Exploration and drawing of plants and landscapes

To make it easier to remember the text or what you’ve been telling, it’s a good idea to visualize what you’ve heard so that it’ stays better in your memory. In this way, we can also get to know different plants or natural phenomenans. Make a small tour, going to some nature trails or just a city park with pencils and colors, paper sheets and canvases. Each child has the task of choosing something that appears before the eye, looking in any direction, and drawing it. You can also paint the landscape ahead. For example, a blossom bush, a fountain and a rainbow. Another option: to draw a newly plucked flower in close-up, exploring its structure and veins. Don’t forget to see and discuss each painting – hold an exhibition in kindergarten.

Cloud shapes

When working outside, it is easy to be creative. To inspire creativity, you can start with a game that will let children look at nature differently. You can lay down blankets in the backyard of the kindergarden and look at the clouds. Children have to try and notice any shapes that remind them of something. Whenever they do, they have to show it to others as well, so they can try to notice that as well.

Drawing and playing “Classes”

The classic childhood game, which is actually very useful for improving conpricing capabilities. Perhaps the kids don’t know such a game anymore, or it seems like nothing special. So the teacher’s job is to create a real team spirit by bringing everyone into this game and showing how it is played. When everyone together has drawn the checks with crayons on the tarmac, let’s start the game! This can be played differently: not by jumping with your feet, but by throwing a stone, starting from the smallest number area, hitting directly the drawn square.

Building paper vessels for rain river

In the days when it rains outside, you don’t want to throw away the idea of going out. The main thing is to provide everyone with a raincoat and rubber boots or any rain-suited clothing. Before going out, make your own vessels to float in the swollen puddles or the river that you created.

Have fun being creative and seeing where your imagination leads you!

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