Share your ideas!


Share your ideas!

Kindergartens are the places where you can find many golden ideas. We invite you to share your positive experiences, to inspire other kindergartens both in Latvia and abroad, and together we can develop the platform That is why we encourage you to send in your positive experiences and ideas in different areas.

Healthy eating:
How to encourage kids to try different products?
How to encourage parents to take part in this initiative?
How to encourage families to eat healthy also at home?
How to show and tell children about eating eco friendly foods?
And other questions.

Active lifestyle, filled with movement:
How to encourage children to be active?
How to include parents in the kindergarten’s activities?
What type of different exercises can we offer children in their sports class?
How to make children’s outside activities more different and interesting?
And other questions.

Nature and environment:
How to teach children about nature friendly lifestyle?
How to organize recycling in kindergartens?
How to organizes events in kindergartens that after them leave minimal trash?
How to teach about nature – insects, plants, animals?
And other questions.

Positive dialogue:
How to encourage mutual tolerance between children?
How to encourage self-respect and love in children?
How to teach to recognize and name emotions?
How to create a friendly atmosphere between the employees and parents?
And other questions.

Cultural differences:
How to teach children to spot the differences in the people close to them?
How to organize different days for different countries in the classrooms?
How to encourage the understanding in children that in the world there are different
How to include parents in teaching their children to recognize the differences in the
world closer and further away from them?
And other questions.

Experiences, tips and ideas send to: [email protected]

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