Water games for warm days


Water games for warm days

Children really like water, so there are different topical activities with it that we can offer for every season. But this time we will look at some activities, that can be done in warm weather. 

We are used to the fact, that the place, where children play with water. is home, but the kindergarten can also be a place where to do the wettest activities. 

The fun coloring

Experience shows, that the fun coloring is loved not only by the children. It excited adults just the same. To do these activities, you will need bottles, with spray lids on top (can be bought at any convenience store) and paint and water. Every bottle has to have a colored liquid inside – the paint mixed with water. When these colored bottles are prepared, in the playground you have to put up a molbert with a thick paper. The paper can also be put on tables or ground, but keep in mind, that they are going to get dirty. The n, using the spray bottles with color in them, kids can create their own drawings. When these are ready, you can create an art show in the evening, that the parents will attend. 

Another version – instead of paper, you can use fabric, for example, an old bed sheet. And then everyone creates one piece together. 

Water way

To create a water way, you will need a backing that can’t be destroyed by water. Next to that you attach milk cartons with cut bottoms, yogurt cans, pipes. The idea is that every object has to be in a form, where you can pour water through it. When the wall is ready, you put it vertically. Kids can pour the water through the different objects and see how they will affect the way the water goes. 

Little color mixers

There are many things you can do with water! Here is another idea! In the playground every kid has a bowl with clean water. There they can put in different colors and see, how the color changes! Just like little wizards!

Shooting at targets 

If children have water guns at home, you can ask them to take them to the kindergarten, so that you can create an activity – put paper cups in a pyramid and kids have to destroy it by shooting water at them. 


If the day turns out to be really hot, children will be happy for the chance to play around and splash with water. For this activity spray bottles will also come in handy – just this time you will need clean water. Of course, for this activity you will need to prepare – you be great if for this day children would have swimsuits and dry clothes to change into. 

Pouring water

If the group has really small children, they will get excited over the smallest activity – pouring water from one cup to another. Don’t believe us? Try it!

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