The coloring book of autumn


The coloring book of autumn

When the outside world is covered in the wet and cold autumn, no big explorations outside can’t really take place. To get to know different tree leafs and their transformations during autumn, you can create your own coloring book! 

To generate the templates needed you can print some out from the internet. That will help in associating different leafs with different trees. It is important that the templates have only the outside lines, so that it is possible to color them in. 
Of course, during the course of autumn, the leaves change color and fall from the trees, therefore, it is possible to color them in different colors. It is also important to learn the names of the colors, therefore, you can write the name of the color it needs to be colored with next to the leaf, and now the task the kid has to do is to read it (or work in a team and get the help from their parents or someone, who could help out) and color the leaves in the right colors. 

In the association part of the “book” there can be the leaves with their names or the “fruits” they bring, for example, nuts or chestnuts. Another section of the book can have the leaf and a blank space next to it, where the kids have to try to draw it themselves. 
Everyone can make the cover of the “book” themselves as well, for example, by using felt, punching two holes in every page and then securing it all together with a ribbon – that way it will be easy to color it and go from one page to another. 

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