A few nature friendly suggestions, when going for a walk


A few nature friendly suggestions, when going for a walk

Longer or shorter walks can be an excellent way how to include a bit of sport in your life, as well as the kids really enjoy that. But even during walks it is important to think about the nature and teach children to do the same.

Based on the suggestions of “Creakids” teacher Līga Krūmiņa, the first thing to check in the content of your bag:

1. Lunch can be packed in an appropriate piece of fabric. That can be an excellent alternative to plastic bags.

2. While walking, it is important to take something to drink with you – the best option is water in a glass bottle, not plastic. In colder weather tea in thermos is a good option.

A few more suggestions to be eco-friendly:

  • Always remember to leave your picnic zone tidy.
  • Decline using plastic forks or knifes – there are many eco friendly alternatives .
  • Recycle not only at home, but also during your walks.
  • Preferably drink tea that can be poured, not the the one that can be made with teabags. The ideal scenario is picking the flowers and plants, drying them and making tea out of them together with your children.
  • If you want to buy a souvenir during your walk, think if it will have any use later on

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