An idea! Informative stickers


An idea! Informative stickers

Taking care of the environment and thinking “green” while doing little, day to day things. That’s why together with children we make stickers, that remind us, that we have to turn off the light or turn the tap off, after using the sink.

We are used to seeing different stickers in public places, that help us to find what we are looking for or to remember important things. Stickers in pre-schools can help the children to remember to save electricity or water. It is especially effective, because children make these stickers themselves.

Before doing the actual work, it is important to talk to the kids about what good are we doing to the nature. And after that you can get to work – these stickers can be drawn, colored in or made with colored paper. Children can do it alone or as a team. When these stickers are ready, they can be stuck next to water taps and light switches, so they can do their job!

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