Let’s have day, when we go to the kindergarten by foot!


Let’s have day, when we go to the kindergarten by foot!

Every person is a part of this world, and it is our job to take care of the harmony of people and nature. Maybe it is impossible to decline any comfort that our era gives us, but we can have a day, where we get to where we need to be mostly by foot.

Walking not only benefits the person, who walks himself or herself, but it also benefits the world, because it is an eco friendly way how to get around. That is why it’s useful to have a day, when everyone from one class, or even from one kindergarten as a whole, goes to the kindergarten by foot.

Just so going by foot is a special experience, in the moment, when all of the children and employees meet in the class, they can have a little discussion, where they can talk about the interesting and unusual things they have seen on experienced. Maybe someone saw a white pigeon, or maybe someone got to slide around on a frozen puddle, but maybe someone else finally felt spring in the air.

It is important, that the observations kids made are written down. That was they can compare, how these things change in the course of different seasons.

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