Looking at the world through a mirror


Looking at the world through a mirror

We are used to seeing that the sky is above and the ground – below us. The roots of the trees are in the grounds, but the branches always face the sky. However, when we use mirrors, we can see a different world. 

The task of seeing the world through mirrors we saw in a preschool in Priekuļi “Mežmaliņa”. 

The task is incredibly simple!
It has to be done outside. Children are paired in pairs, and every pair has to have one mirror. One person in the pair has to put the mirror next to his or her nose, so that the mirror itself is faced upwards. Then the pair slowly moves around and the other person can observe what is shown on the mirror. He or she also has to make sure that their pair is safe and doesn’t run into any trees and trip. After that the kids change places. 

After the task, you can talk to the children and discuss what have they noticed, what seemed different and interesting. Here you can also talk about trusting each other. Is it easy or difficult? And is it easy to not disappoint the person that trusts you, when you are responsible for their safety, when moving around? 

The task can be also done inside. 

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