Emotion cards: a game to understand feelings


Emotion cards: a game to understand feelings

To help you understand the different feelings of a child, it can also be helped by a game you have created. These types of games are also included in the pedagogy of Montessori, as they promote and develop child’s creative potential.

Game of emoticons:

Cardboard or thicker paper, scissors, felt tips, or markers will be required to create this game. Cut several circles in oval form from paper. On each draw a variety of emotions, such as drawing eyes and happy circles of eyebrows at the top of the oval. At the bottom of the oval draw a smiling mouth. The next ovals should be distraught, disturbed, and surprised.

These drawings have to be cut in the middle and the child’s job is to conncet two sides of the same emotion. If they can’t do it, the teacher can intervene and ask questions, such as “what emotion do you want to create?”, “how it looks like?” or “what are its characteristics?”. If there are multiple sets of the game, children can play it together, so when a teacher names an emotion, all of the children have to find its two pieces in their set.

It is important to remember that you have to end the game by creating happy emotions.

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