Let’s learn English! Ideas for activities


Let’s learn English! Ideas for activities

There is no doubt that childhood is the time, when it is the easiest to learn new languages. To learn English, you have to learn it regularly – the best way is through games and different interactive methods that seem the most exciting for the child. Of course, through watching cartoons you can also learn Eglish to the extent of even having a really good conversational level, but gadgets are and will stay gadgets. It’s best, that their usage time is limited. 

Their own game

Creating their own game will be not only exciting, but will also create extra motivation for children. If they create their own game of learning English, it will allow them to practice pronunciation and writing at the same time. It starts with children choosing five simple nouns they would like to learn (for example, bread, family, strawberry, rabbit, house). After that you have to draw or print out illustrations for each of these words. Children have to stick the word in English next to each of these illustrations. While learning English, children can also write down the translation in their own native language, so they can practise that as well. After the translations and illustrations are done, children have to rewrite the words in English on their own pieces of paper and talk it over with the teacher – how is it pronounced? what does it mean? 

The game that they have created on their own can be played in another way: the teacher shows the illustration to the children, and children have to say the word in English. Then the teacher picks up another illustration and so on, until children have remembered all of the words. 

Learning language through movements 

Learning different things through movements is effective at any age. Children at the preschool age really like different games with movements, therefore this is a method worth considering. Together with children you have to decide, what kinds of movement illustrate different words. For example, bread can be shown by creating a circle with your palms, a house can be a triangle created with your arms, a rabbit can be shows by jumping around and creating small ears with your hands. Afterwards the teacher calls out names, children have to say it in English and show the movement. 

Coloring pages

Another thing children like at this age, is drawing and coloring. A teacher can print out different drawings that have specific colors, for example, the sun, tree’s leaves, water drops, flowers, cars. The task is to name that color, pick it out and then color with it. 

Another idea!

Colors and numbers can be learnt by using special color and number exercise sheets or books. How do they look? On a piece of paper draw little pockets with the names of colors. Then prepare 10 paper objects in every color, for example, 10 orange carrots, 10 green cucumbers, 10 yellow corns. Then prepare numbers 1 to 10. When the preparation is done, put one number in front of each of the little pockets. The task for the child is to find as many paper objects as it says in front of the pocket and in the color that is written on it. 

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