Going home from the kindergarten – 3 ways how to make it more fun


Going home from the kindergarten – 3 ways how to make it more fun

The spring is the right time when to become more physically active, therefore, whenever possible, it would be great to go from the kindergarten to home by foot. Is the child thinking that it’s boring? Make this trip to home more interesting!

1.    Pavement art
Colouring pavement with chalk is a classic childhood activity. If the weather permits, you can create little drawings as you go home – leave smiley faces or whatever the child likes and can draw! This kind of a peaceful walk will also let the parents wind down after a day at work. 

2.    Count your steps, climb on objects
Offer to the kids a game – guess, with how many steps we can reach the closest tree! Try out walk with big giant steps and small ant steps. Climb on objects you see around – on rocks and pavement edges. Maybe there is an interesting stump on the way? Notice your surroundings and show the kid how interesting they can be!  

3.    Word games
Look around and try to name as many objects as possible – at first you can name every single thing you see! Kids will learn new words and it will also be interesting for the parents. After that you can narrow down the objects you name – for example, name every object that starts with the letter “A”, or that has a specific colour. 

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