Conference on Meaningful Technology Use in Preschools


Conference on Meaningful Technology Use in Preschools

On February 15th, starting at 10:00, an international conference “Digital Literacy in Preschool” will take place, where experts from Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway will share their experiences on how to create modern and engaging digital learning content for children, assisting in content acquisition already in preschool. Everyone interested is invited to follow the conference on the Facebook page or on the platform
The organizers of the conference emphasize that it is intended not only for educators, preschool directors, prospective teachers, and representatives of municipal education authorities but for anyone interested in the field of education, especially preschool education. Conference participants will provide insights into foreign practices and innovative solutions on how to ensure exciting play and a creative learning process, aligned with competency-based education. Additionally, they will discuss promoting behaviour change, such as waste sorting, reducing food waste, etc.
Among the conference speakers will be both educator and father of five, Hans Jacob Sundby from Norway, who leads the “Dibber” preschool network (known as “CreaKids” in Latvia) in 10 countries worldwide. He emphasizes the importance of preschool in every child’s development. Also, innovation expert Assad Abbas will explain the advantages of integrating technology into the educational process.

“Speaking about the integration of technology into the educational process, it is essential to recognize that children who are currently in preschool, primary school, or secondary school were born into a world with technology. These so-called digital natives often acquire technology skills faster than the skills of walking or talking. To engage these children in a high-quality learning process, technology plays a crucial role, helping to visualize (create projections) and better understand almost every subject. It is important to note that digital learning does not imply increased device usage – this is something we also aim to clarify in the conference,” explains the conference organizer, Daina Kājiņa, the head of the preschool “CreaKids.”
While there is widespread discussion globally about the negative impact of technology on academic performance at various age levels, the conference aims to highlight the meaningful use of technology. This means not just spending time with devices individually but engaging in group work, collective projects, and similar activities. Thoughtfully utilizing technology can promote physical activity, practical engagement, and creativity.
To follow the conference online, no prior registration or participation fee is required. More information about the conference program and speakers is available on the website The conference is part of the Erasmus+ project.

“Digital literacy in preschool”

10:00 Opening of the conference, The Minister of Education and Science Anda Čakša
10:15 The importance of preschool in a child’s life, Co-Founder and Owner of “Dibber” Hans Jacob Sundby
10:45 Distance learning in preschool, Lithuanian preschool “Gintarelis” teachers Ugnė Marija Lukosevic and Agnė Draučikaitė
11:10 Notice every child in preschool, Preschool education expert, and project lead in Norway Yvonne Lindstad
11:35 Children’s safety on the Internet, LMT Product Owner Otto Ķenga
12:00 – 13:00 Conference Break
13:00 Digital sandbox research, Innovation expert Assad Abbas
13:30 How to protect your digital home, Founder of the Digital Security Center Elviss Strazdiņš
13:55 Artificial intelligence – teachers assistant, Visionary & Owner at Ketes māja, researcher, Ph.D. Evija Mirķe
14:20 Digital learning tools in everyday life – presentation of examples, Preschool “CreaKids” teachers Sintija Jākobsone, Līga Krūmiņa
14:50 Conclusion of the conference.

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