Dolls’ theater with dolls created by children


Dolls’ theater with dolls created by children

An interesting thing to do with children is create a theatre with dolls children have imagined and created. 

Creating theatre with dolls is a time consuming and challenging activity so you have to plan quite some time to create and do it. 

How to do it?

Creating the idea. Together with children you can create the idea for what the play will be about. Maybe there is a relevant topic you need to talk about in depth? 

Creating the story. Seeing as children in pre school can’t write rapidly just yet, this job can be mainly done by the teacher. Teachers can ask children what one or the other actor says or what happens within the story. 

Learning the play. When the play has been finished, you can slowly start learning the respective roles. 

Creating the dolls. The teacher with the help of the parents can gather the materials for the creation of the dolls, for example, big pines, smooth rocks, the rolls from toilet papers, bits of tree, fabrics, etc. 

When the dolls are created, children can learn how to “use” them. If everything goes well, you can invite parents or other children to watch the play. 

Idea! There is a huge chance, that not all parents will be able to attend the premier. Because of that you can find a good phone camera and film the play so that all the action can be seen and then send the video to parents.  

A few ideas on how to create the dolls!

Akmeņu mošķīši

Monsters from rocks


Pine owls

Korķu vīrs

Man made of bottle corks


Colorful doll




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