The good deed letter from the elfs


The good deed letter from the elfs

December is the time, when we especially think about bringing you to everyone’s lives, however, it is important to teach kids that its not stuff that bring the most joy – it’s good deeds and caring for others. 

To encourage doing good deeds and treat it as a value, in this beautiful, white weather you can do a special activity – receiving letters from elves. 

In many classes during Christmas teachers organize the activity where children get a little present from the elves – some snacks or useful things like pencils or colors. It would be great, if in one of those times instead of elves bringing a gift, they would bring a letter, encouraging kids to do good deeds. The content of the letter could be discussed later on. 

The template for the letter:

Dear children!

You already know that we, the elves, while doing our day to day chores and bringing everyone gifts, notice what you do. We see when children play, are friendly and help one another. And we are very happy that in your group there is a lot of joy and friendship. And even if sometimes you get a little sad, your amazing teachers and nannies rush to help you. 

Did you know, that there can never be too many good deeds in this world? So we, the elves, are asking you to come help us and we are naming this week – the good deeds week, 

What are we going to do this week?

On Monday we are going to tell each other compliments. And whenever we will receive a compliment, we will say thank you. 

On Tuesday we are going to go outside and clean the snow away from the little road. 

On Wednesday we are going to make a card and surprise the children in the next group with it. 

On Thursday we are going to make a bird feeding station that we will take care of through the whole winter. 

On Friday we are going to tidy our classroom, water the plans, dust every corner.

On Saturday we are going to help our moms and dads to cook lunch. 

On Sunday we will tidy and organize all of our dolls and things we play with in our rooms, so that they don’t get sad, when we leave for kindergarten the next day. 

Are you ready? 

Have fun creating miracles!

The elves

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