Digitized teaching and methodical materials for preschools will be available at the end of the year

About Digital teaching materials

Digitized teaching and methodical materials for preschools will be available at the end of the year

The development of all the new digitized learning content for preschools and also the approbation in 4 Latvian preschool education institutions have been completed, so the material will be available in preschools from the end of this year. The new teaching materials provides children with exciting games and creative learning processes in math, language learning, education of health and physical activities that are relevant to competency-based education. Preschools wishing to include digitized teaching materials in the training process will be able to apply for their purchase in the upcoming months, but the next step of the project is the translation of teaching materials to English and later to be distributed in other EU countries.

The digitized 9 learning sets, with 10 tasks for each, will be for children as an interesting adventure, including creative learning process of necessary knowledge and skills, as well as using a tablet and a projector available in preschool groups as an auxiliary tool. The period of approbation showed that children are very interested in learning and teachers save the time which would be used to prepare teaching materials on the particular subject. In addition, digital teaching materials demonstrate their usefulness in both Covid-19 limitation situations and long-term absence of child due to sickness, as teacher can send learning tasks to children’s parents, therefore tasks can be completed at home.

Daina Kājiņa, the head of the preschool digitization project, and the head of the private preschool “CreaKids”, emphasizes that digital teaching materials will not only expand the range of activities in preschool but also help provide high-quality and modern learning content for preschool. The new learning content does not require big investments in technology. One tablet for each group of preschool education institution and a projector is absolutely sufficient to ensure that children’s photos, videos and audio content are both created and easily displayed for the whole group, educating children to completely different attitude towards smart devices.

“Although the teaching materials are completed, we are currently working on  more simple and convenient model for applying for digitized teaching materials and answering questions arising when these teaching materials are used. Opportunity to apply for the digitized teaching materials will be announced separately. The next step for development of this project will be the preparation of teaching materials in English to spread to preschools in other EU countries. The developed content was valued as interesting and useful by an expert of education from Norway who participated in the approbation of teaching materials, so there are reasonable grounds for thinking about the possibilities for the export of digitized teaching products,” acknowledges D.Kājiņa.

Project “Developing digital learning and methodological tools to provide innovative preschool education programmes” (No. ( is implemented as of December 2019 with funding from the European Social Fund of 70%, while 30% of the CreaKids institution invests from its financial resources. The aim of the project is to develop a set of digital learning and methodological tools for preschool in the fields of language, mathematics, health and physical activities for it to be introduced as new learning content from autumn 2021.

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