Do kindergartners need a summer break?


Do kindergartners need a summer break?

Preschool “CreaKids” branch manager Santa Lasmane

Preschool – an educational institution, it seems obvious that there is a summer vacation, but considering the age of the children and the working hours of the parents, a vacation, and a long one, is not always possible during the summer period. At the same time, there are several factors why it is recommended for preschool children to continue attending kindergarten even in the summer – it helps to maintain the usual routine, continue communication with peers and spend time creatively, regardless of the weather.

Physical activity

One of the most important reasons to continue attending kindergarten in the summer is physical activity, which is very important for children’s development. This means both gymnastics, dance and rhythm lessons, as well as various movement games, ball games, etc. Preschools usually have large areas so that children have the opportunity to play and spend time in the fresh air, and there are both indoor and outdoor playgrounds – this means that children can play actively, regardless of the weather, which cannot always be provided at home.

Making friends and socializing

Kindergarten is a place where children not only play and learn, but also make new friends and develop essential social skills. It is in preschool that children learn how to cooperate with other peers, listen and understand others’ opinions, understand emotions and resolve conflicts. There are always different personality types in the group and children can learn how to communicate, adapt and trust each other. During the summer vacation, the child often misses the usual communication and being with peers.

The importance of daily routines

The routine in the kindergarten helps maintain a certain structure in the child’s life, which is very important for his emotional stability. A balanced diet, regular meals and time for sleep help to develop healthy daily habits. When you break your routine, it can be very challenging to get back into it in the fall, especially if you can’t stick to your diet or sleep patterns and other regular routines when you spend time at home or with your grandparents.

Creative activities in the fresh air

In addition, during the summer, preschools adjust their agenda and devote a lot of time to adventures in nature, improving various practical skills. The learning process and the usual regime continue, but at the same time there is an opportunity to enjoy the warm summer time, for example, exercising outside in the morning, holding art plein airs, conducting various experiments. In particularly warm weather, you can also enjoy the joys of water or take care of a small garden and enjoy the harvest at the end of summer. Like schools, kindergartens organize excursions and sports events.

Parents know their child best

Discussions about whether or not a preschool child needs a break from kindergarten return to the agenda of many families every spring, however, if parents see that the child is actively and happily going to preschool, there is no need to worry, if it is not possible to provide long summer holidays. If work or other responsibilities allow you to get an extra day off, it will be equally valuable at any time of the year. In addition, it is important to remember that every day does not need to be planned to the smallest detail, sometimes the child should be allowed to be bored and do nothing.

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