Every afternoon with a different fairytale


Every afternoon with a different fairytale

Who doesn’t like fairytales? However, in our day to day life we don’t see traditional stories and fairytales as something valuable that can teach us a lot about other cultures and about people, who are around us. But even these fairytales can bring in a lot of diversity into the classroom. 

There are multiple ways on how to do it:

  • Before bedtime the teacher reads fairytales from different cultures;
  • Children can draw illustrations to these stories and later compare them;
  • Children can role play the situations that happen in these fairytales;

It might be even more interesting, if an audio recording of the fairytale can be found in its original language, so the children can hear how it sounds. 

But the most imprint thing is after the listening, drawing or reading talk to the children and divert their attention to who the main characters are, how they resolve their conflicts and what are the differences and similarities between the stories.

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