Such an important skill even during childhood – being able to serve yourself at the table

Being able to take care of themselves is a skill that is taught to children from very young ages. That should be applied to pre-school canteens as well.


One of the most popular characteristics of the development of independance for a child is declining any help from adults and the wish to do everything themselves. From the age of one and a half children usually announce that they will do everything themselves – dress, shower, climb the stairs, eat with a spoon or a fork. This wish is a completely natural step in any child’s development. All in all – they are growing to be adults, who have to know how to take care of theselves. We should be worried, when choldren look sad and don’t want to do anything, don’t show any iniciative, they are not interested in anything new. If a child is growing up being positive, open, wants to try new things, he or she will be able to stand up for themselves and support others. What the adult is responsible for – that the children have a safe enviornment that they can grow and develop in.


But more usually than not the enviornment the children are in doesn’t let children develop this important trait – taking care of themselves. If we are talking about eating, usually the tables for children are already set or in classrooms children sit around the table and wait for the teachers to put food on their plates. But there is a good solution – letting kids put their own food on their plates and afterwards let them clean up after themselves.



How will the children benefit from serving themselves?


  • Their coordination develops.
  • Children learn to make decisions (for example, what and how much they will eat) and express their opinion.
  • They learn to clean up after themselves.
  • They learn to clean up, if they spill something.
  • They learn to take responisibility.
  • They learn to help each other.


An idea!


If children have rules, it is only reasonable that the adults have rules as well that they have to follow, because children learn from their teachers.


Canteen’s rules for the adults:


  • I sit at the table.
  • I put my own food on my plate.
  • I take away my own dirty dishes.
  • I remember about manners.
  • I only talk about things that the children need to hear.
  • I talk only good things about the food.


Canteen’s rules for the children:


  • I sit at the table.
  • I put my own food on my plate.
  • I eat everything I have put on my plate.
  • I take away my own dirty dishes.
  • I clean up after myself.
  • I remember to say “Thank you” and “You’re welcome”.
  • If I don’t want something, I say “No, thank you”.
  • I’ll taste the food, before I say that I don’t like it.
  • I won’t talk with my mouth full.

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