Saying goodbye to mom or dad. Accepting the feelings of a child

Sometimes the most difficult part of the morning is saying goodbye to mom and dad, and letting them go to work, while spending the day in the kindergarten. The teachers, however, have the power to to make the pain of separation a bit easier.


“There should never be a situation, in which a parent leaves a crying child in the kindergarten - while a teacher distracts him or her, the parent runs away. In this situations children can become easily startled, because they don’t know, at which given moment a parent could disappear. That creates a tragedy for a child, and stress for the whole day,” says psychotherapist - osteopath Līga Latkovska.


Even in the morning rush of a kindergarten, it is important to accept and notice child’s wishes. When a little one says: “I want to go home, I don’t want to stay in the kindergarten," the right answer would be: “I hear you and I understand, that you want to go home, but now we have to go to the kindergarten.”


When a child’s wish is hear and accepted, then we can give a kiss to him or her and put him or her into the welcoming hands of a teacher. After that it is important the teacher or nanny doesn’t dismiss the child’s feelings as well, by says things like: “Stop crying! It is nothing horrible, they will pick you up in the evening!”. The right thing to do is accepting the child’s tragedy, by saying: “Yes, it’s sad that your mom had to go, but she will be back in the evening!”

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