Idea for the kindergartens: the kindergarten cooks dinners for the families

It really would be incredibly comfortable – as you are picking up your child, you can get a box, inside of which you have your dinner for the whole family. So instead of cooking, you can spend time with your children.


The opportunity of purchasing dinner for the family is already being implemented in the pre-school "Creakids". The idea has been implemented in the project Responsible lifestyle, done together with the pre-schools in Norway and Iceland. It’s purpose – talk about the issue of responsible lifestyle, which includes thinking about healthy and qualitative food.


"Creakids" head manager, Daina Kājiņa, says, that they have thought about healthy eating in the kindergarten before as well, by choosing qualitative food and not buying half cooked food, but now the parents are taking part in the conversation as well.


What does it mean – healthy diet?


  • There are many different foods.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of sugar or salt.
  • It has grain products.
  • It has a lot of fruits and vegetables.
  • It includes drinking water regularly.


The opportunity to purchase dinner for the family at the kindergarten happens once a week, while singing up before. Daina Kājiņa says that the parents love this idea, because it allows them not to spend the whole evening in the kitchen, but to spend it by playing games with their children or going on evening walks.


Costs: 2 euros/per person

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