Greens on the window sill and our own garden – it’s possible in the kindergarten as well

Understanding of the environment, where we live, and of nature’s resources – that is an important subject in the Nordplus project “Responsible Lifestyle”.


Because of that, while on the topic of nature and environment, teachers and children are encouraged to think about recycling, reuse, protection of nature, saving water and electric energy, as well as careful use of nature’s resources.


In all three countries – Latvia, Norway nad Iceland – children in kindergartens create their own gardens, observe and take care of them. To make this idea a reality has been possible thanks to other projects we have been apart of, for example, Latvia’s “Creakids” is one of the participants in the project “EcoSchool”, as well as by cleaning up the cost of Baltic Sea, they participated in “Cost Cleaning 2018”. In all of the kindergartens “Creakids” every year children and parents participate in the Big Cleaning as well. This year our biggest plans are associated with events to save water and electric energy.

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